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16 Magic Tricks That You Can Do

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17 Magic Tricks That You Can Do:

Do you like jokes, magic tricks and sleight of hands? Then our new compilation of cool magic tricks is just for you! Using these tricks you’ll be the star of every party!

Supplies and Tools:

• Water

• Silicone bracelet

• Cards

• Cardboard

• Scotch tape

• Foam (foamiran)

• Scissors

• Jelly beans

• Milk

• Glass

• Plastic cup

• Coins

• Paper

• Glue

• Coverlet

• Balloon

• M&M's

• Plastic bag

• Glove

• Sintepon

• Banknotes

• Starch

• Glass

• Handkerchief

• Laces

• Thread

• Matchboxes

• Magnetic tape


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